Narcissa Meets Marcus Whitman

The "Second Great Awakening" greatly affected most of New York. It's people now trembled with faith renewed, one of whom we learned was Narcissa Prentiss. However, this revival affected many other places besides the county of Prattsburg. In this lesson we will learn about another person affected by the [...]

The Real Pioneer Killer

History books today have painted the Oregon Trail as a wonderful story full of trails, songs around the campfire and Indian fights. However, the Oregon Trail was so much more. One of ten people would die soon after they started the trek across the country towards Oregon, Utah and [...]

Traversing The Oregon Trail -The Ox

A 2,200 mile long trail stretching across terrain that changes periodically and weather that is most often less then pleasant, is nothing to be taken lightly. That's why the pioneers chose their equipment carefully and invested whatever meager earnings they could into insuring their travel gear was efficient. Oxen [...]

Morale on the Oregon Trail Part 2

Dancing, reading God’s Word, playing music, and throwing frisbee were all wonderful past-time activities the pioneers enjoyed during the age of Manifest destiny. But those weren’t the only activities the pioneers took part in. Music and dancing can get boring after doing it so many times, so they needed [...]

Historical Sights on the Oregon Trail

The Oregon Trail was an amazing trek across the plains, desserts, wilderness, and forests to reach a place where folks could settle down and stake a claim on land on the other side of the Appalachian Mountains. Many Native American Tribes decided to either side with them, or fight [...]

Heritage – History of Knitting and Crocheting

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Traditions are passed down through the ages, some are kept, some are lost, and others become a worldwide sensation. Some examples of these hobbies would be needlework, woodcraft, and even caring for a special exotic animal. We will go over the history and current uses of many traditions that [...]

Keep His Word In Thy Heart

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KEEP HIS WORD IN THY HEART   "Thank you Lord for providing me with the strength, the courage, and the determination to keep us going on this journey and for protecting my family from disease, hunger, and all the beasts of the land, Amen. Now I'll be reading in First John [...]