How to Stay Cool When It’s Not So Cool

Hot, sticky, and sleepless nights are not commonly preferred. However staying cool when it isn’t cool without an AC unit is just about as hard as it gets. These 5 helpful tips and tricks might not be able to all-the-way prevent “hot, sticky, and sleepless nights”, but they can [...]

The Conestoga Wagon

During the manifest destiny, when many pioneers headed out seeking land free of toil, several different wagons were used to carry as much of their possessions as possible. One of the largest wagons recorded to being used is the Conestoga wagon. The earliest known point where the Conestoga wagon began [...]

Narcissa Meets Marcus Whitman

The “Second Great Awakening” greatly affected most of New York. It’s people now trembled with faith renewed, one of whom we learned was Narcissa Prentiss. However, this revival affected many other places besides the county of Prattsburg. In this lesson we will learn about another person affected by the [...]

Creative Writing Poetry, “Candlelight Trials”

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Candlelight Trials By candle light I take my steps By faith I move about. In search of our handmade tent We folded inside out. Our wagon guards my white cow Which reminds me of home. We left for a promised land Yet we were not alone. We left with a wagon train Full of hope to arrive. Before the cold [...]

Rabbit’s and Their Habits

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In this world, there are many creatures, all with their own characteristics. Some more like others, while particular ones are very unique, or weird and act extremely strange and unfriendly. The mammal in this report is the bunny, rabbit, or one of the animals on the bottom of the [...]

Narcissa Whitman Ancestry

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When Narcissa and her husband, Marcus Whitman, left for the great state of Washington, they had no idea the adventures that awaited them. But their story didn’t start the day they set foot on the Oregon Trail; no, it began years before either of them were born. The Prentiss family [...]

The Mallow – The original Marshmallow

As the famous Witch in Snow White once said “Mallow, mallow on the ground, who is fairest town to town?” Okay, she didn’t quite say that, but in this report we will go through the facts and fairy-tales of the Mallow, otherwise known as Marshmallow! Wait, hold on, the little [...]