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In this lesson series you will learn what caused the Whitman’s to make the huge leap towards Oregon as an effort to convert the Indians to Christianity. We’ll discuss important points in their lives, covering actual content from their original diaries and letters to family and friends. And finally, we’ll go over the mystery of the Whitman Massacre and learn why the Indians decided to murder the peaceful missionaries.  Prepare for an amazing journey alongside one of America’s most inspiring couples, Marcus and Narcissa Whitman!

Lesson 1

Narcissa Whitman's Ancestry

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Lesson 2

Narcissa's Childhood

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Lesson 3

"Burned Over District"

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Lesson 4

Meeting Marcus Whitman

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Lesson 5

A Missionary's Bride

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Review and Test

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Erie Canal

New York's 363-mile-long Canal

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Wyoming Historical Park

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Sugarberry and the Hackberry

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Secret Identity of Aloe Vera

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Young Life of Ben Franklin

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The Cholera

The Real Pioneer Killer

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The Peach Tree

The Mutated Nectarine!

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