Advertising on Surviving The Oregon Trail

Great! We have a number of ways that you can choose to advertise. Surviving the Oregon Trail provides visitors free games, puzzles, downloadable worksheets for school and education, interesting and informative articles on history, geography and survival. This exciting avenue of outreach is simply smothered in potential! Our contests (writing, art, costumes and more) will keep our visitors and their families excited and ready for more!

Please note that prices are subject to change in the future as our site becomes more popular and the advertising space in more demand. Purchasing an advertising space now locks in your price. You can reserve up to 3 months in advertising space with the current prices listed below.

Your advertisement will be placed in the most fitting categories and pages whether relating to History, Geography, Survival or other.

Click tabs below for pricing.

Homepage Advertising

You can choose to have a banner shown in the top rotating slide show or in the body of the homepage.

Slide Show Banner Ad Size: 960 x 308 Price: $50 per month

Body Ad Size: 728 x 90 Price: $25 per month

Shown above the article (the best placement!)

Leaderboard Ad Size: 728 x 90 Price: $35 per month

Shown in the body of the page

Body Ad Size: 468 x 60 Price: $25 per month

Shown on the right side

Small Ad Size: 125×125 Price: $15 per month

Large Ad Size: 300×250 Price: $25 per month

These ads will be shown on one of the following pages AND all articles linked to that category:

  • History – main page AND related articles
  • Geography – main page AND related articles
  • Survival – main page AND related articles
  • Activities – main page AND related articlesSmall Ad Size: 125×125 Price: $50 per month
  • Shown on the right side of a single page or post (article).

Large Ad Size: 300×250 Price: $100 per month

By contributing to this website you will be given a website page of your own. Each article you write or picture you share will link to your own individual web page. Your page will consist of a portfolio of all the articles you’ve written within the site. You can choose to add a description about yourself and your business as well as a link to your own website or social networking link. You are free to include contact information as well so people can contact you directly.

The more you share the more publicity your page will receive.

Join us and help make Surviving the Oregon Trail even better!

Have a product you’d like us to promote? Contact us and let us know about your product. Suitable products for review would be anything related to education, homesteading, preparedness, survival, foods, health and wellness, etc… The list could really go on don’t you think?!

Our review will include an article giving our honest opinion of your product within 30 days of receiving the product. Or we can schedule a time sooner if possible. An article excerpt will be shown on the homepage, and on an applicable category page (history, geography, survival or our activities page) and in our blog. The article will also be posted to our Surviving the Oregon Trail facebook fan page for additional awareness and promotion!

Consider sponsoring a contest in addition to having a product review written. See below tab for more information on this exciting offer.

We reserve the right to choose brands and companies carefully to ensure our readers are served well by whatever products we bring before them.

We LOVE Contests!

Surviving the Oregon Trail will be having quarterly contests (Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter). We will not only notify all of our subscribers of the upcoming contest but we will also advertise to THOUSANDS of contacts on our personal facebook groups including homesteaders, homeschool families, preppers, Christian and faith based groups. We will also promote the contest on other websites in order to draw the most traffic possible!

By sponsoring a Contest we ask that you provide a winning prize for the contest winners. Prizes can be limitless from a toy, to a gift card, to hunting gear, or a beauty spa package for the weary moms out there! The contest will be held for young and old!

We will promote your business, brand and a link to your website throughout the entire contest. This provides a huge potential to increase awareness of your awesome product or products!

Contact us today!