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Have you ever wanted to learn how the pioneers learned to rough the wild country and survive in the wild? Or maybe how the Jacksonian Era was really a time of tears for many Native American’s? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Here you can learn about amazing people like Narcissa Whitman, John Adams, Lewis Clark, and many other significant figures in American history!


Learn how the pilgrims and adventure seekers came to the wild country of America and settled in historical towns that still stand today.


Reenact the “shot heard round the world” and discover some of the original battle plans that won the war during the American Revolution!


Experience miles and miles of prairie and plains as you explore the wonders and dangers of the amazing Oregon Trail during the Westward Expansion!


Read how great minds raced to solve hardships such as the Dust Bowl and the Great Depression, and how our country got back on it’s feet.

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