Rant – I don’t “buy” it! Organics ARE substantially better than modified produce!

Re: new article online that says organics are NOT exactly healthier than modified produce. I saw that article headline and couldn’t believe it myself, lol. But I still don’t buy it. I believe anything that is modified will have some kind of consequence or difference from the original. As far [...]

Activity – The Beauty of Different Perspectives

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Today’s activity is all about perspective. Everyone has a different perspective. They see life through different view points and perspectives. This lesson is a great example of how we see things differently based off of the view point we have. When we work together we can get a fuller [...]


TEOTWAWKI: The End of the World as We Know It. Sun Sep 16, 2012 2:27 pm (PDT) . Posted by: Vicky I had a recent conversation with one of my doctors regarding surviving TEOTWAWKI. His family has had a lot of experience with this. They survived the attempted extermination of Christians in [...]

Isaiah’s New Movie Poster for Surviving the Oregon Trail

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I was recently putting together a movie poster for some friends and clients and I think I may have inspired our son to create his own movie poster. This morning he asked if he could make one on my computer for Surviving the Oregon Trail. Of course I couldn’t [...]

Creative Illustration, “1800’s Ad for the Oregon Trail”

Yay! We have our very first contest entry for the week! Contest Entry Artwork: 1800’s Ad for the Oregon Trail by Bonnie M. Great Job Bonnie!

Creative Writing Poetry, “Trials of the Oregon Trail”

TRIALS OF THE OREGON TRAIL With hearts set as one, we made our way, Though danger and death were set in array. Too eager to reach what lay ahead, We stood fast and none fled. Though disease was pressing at our backs, We held to hope and hoisted our packs. And wearily we pressed on still, Though [...]

Creative Writing Song, “The Oregon Trail Sad Song”

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The Oregon Trail Sad Song Through these paths and trails, through the night en’ the gails. That light of America On that hill, just away’s. There’s a free land of Oregon, A land of the sun. A land that is free to run. The Oregon trail sad song, which is carried on. By us pioneers who saw that storm Of [...]

Creative Writing Poetry, “Candlelight Trials”

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Candlelight Trials By candle light I take my steps By faith I move about. In search of our handmade tent We folded inside out. Our wagon guards my white cow Which reminds me of home. We left for a promised land Yet we were not alone. We left with a wagon train Full of hope to arrive. Before the cold [...]