Learn Survival

Learn how to build huts from scratch, make primitive weapons, identify wild plants, and discover the ancient ways of survival with our many videos, lessons, and activities.

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Camping out in the wild sounds fun and exciting, but nature isn’t always so co-operative. Instead of getting caught with dangerous situations at the worst times, learn how to survive in all sorts of seasons with our up-to-date articles and lessons on how to be prepared for anything!

Plant Identification

Dandelions, Crab Grass, Acorns, oh my! Unearth the fascinating truths of wild edibles and how these common weeds are actually  super-foods!

Bush-craft Survival

Bush-craft can be fun, but dangerous too. Learn how to survive in a fun and safe way with plenty of videos, tutorials, and educational activities to choose from.

Emergency Care

Emergency care covers a wide variety of subjects; from cleaning a wound to getting someone out of a crashed car. Learn the safest ways to help in an emergency.

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