Rabbit’s and Their Habits

In this world, there are many creatures, all with their own characteristics. Some more like others, while particular ones are very unique, or weird and act extremely strange and unfriendly. The mammal in this report is the bunny, rabbit, or one of the animals on the bottom of the [...]

Growing Grubs – composting + free chicken food!

A dear Haitian missionary friend introduced this amazing idea for sustainable living.  In short people are using black solider flies to lay eggs, grow grubs, make compost for the garden and feed chickens automatically!  They eat all the kitchen leftovers (as well as composting poo), grow and get fat [...]

The Sugarberry Tree/Hackberry Tree

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  Growing from the state of Texas to Central Missouri, a tree exceeding to about 60 feet in height lives in the woods with its companions, the cottonwood, the hickory, the oak, the walnut, the box elder, the green ash, and the elm.  This invasive tree is called the Sugarberry. [...]