How to Stay Cool When It’s Not So Cool

Hot, sticky, and sleepless nights are not commonly preferred. However staying cool when it isn’t cool without an AC unit is just about as hard as it gets. These 5 helpful tips and tricks might not be able to all-the-way prevent “hot, sticky, and sleepless nights”, but they can [...]

What is Aquaponics?

By Vickie Lusby A few years back Joe & I stumbled across an amazing system for growing food. It is called Aquaponics. I have written about in the past but for the sake of those that aren’t familiar with this concept I will recap. I will also talk about some [...]

Homemade Products

Author: Vicky Lusby ( Photo credit: Fox-Stock Hi Everyone, I hope that everyone is ready with their favorite homemade recipes. These recipes aren’t limited to cooking. It can include anything from your favorite homemade household product to ammo reloading mix. What I like about homemade mixes, besides saving money, they give me the [...]

Are you eating MEAT GLUE unknowingly? We were watching some homesteading videos over this past weekend and stumbled upon this guy who is talking about meat glue (Transglutaminase) and how it’s being added to our deli meats without us knowing about it. We were stunned at even the term MEAT GLUE… now what in the [...]