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How to Stay Cool When It’s Not So Cool

Hot, sticky, and sleepless nights are not commonly preferred. However staying cool when it isn’t cool without an AC unit is just about as hard as it gets. These 5 helpful tips and tricks might not be able to all-the-way prevent “hot, sticky, and sleepless nights”, but they can [...]

Rant – I don’t “buy” it! Organics ARE substantially better than modified produce!

Re: new article online that says organics are NOT exactly healthier than modified produce. I saw that article headline and couldn’t believe it myself, lol. But I still don’t buy it. I believe anything that is modified will have some kind of consequence or difference from the original. As far [...]

Organic living – Lemongrass benefits / Stay Healthy!

Fresh Lemon Grass Native of Sri Lanka and India, (Cymbopogon citratus) All natural affordable home remedies using lemongrass General uses of Lemongrass relieve spasms, muscle cramps, rheumatism Cough, cold & sore throats fever reducer Anxiety Headaches High cholesterol Type 2 diabetes Colitis Digestion Rough, dry, scaly skin Acne Constipation Kidney detoxification Insomnia Relaxation & deep sleep natural and free of allergens. Strong antioxidants Description grass like plant with razor-like blades a tall tropical [...]

Quick Recipe Fix – Baking Powder Substitute

How to make your own home-made baking powder If you are out of baking powder you can make your own by combining 1 part baking soda to 2 parts cream of tartar. Be sure to bake your recipe right away after mixing the ingredients because the combination causes the ingredients [...]

How To Make Homemade Garlic Oil for Cooking & Natural Healing Remedies

Resource found at: Jill’s Home Remedies Making homemade garlic oil is very simple! From cooking to natural home remedies such as ear infections or body Mortar and pestle with fresh herbs, spices and virgin olive oil, ready for grinding. Includes basil, rosemary, thyme, oregano, sage, mint, parsley and bay leaves. aches – [...]

Apple Cider Vinegar and Garlic, a Natural Healing Remedy for Ringworm

Looking to rid someone of ringworm? Consider using these natural remedies to help solve the problem. Ringworm is an ailment that is pretty deceptive as far the name goes. Usually, most people would tend to believe that it’s a kind of worm invading our body that ends up sucking [...]

What is Aquaponics?

By Vickie Lusby A few years back Joe & I stumbled across an amazing system for growing food. It is called Aquaponics. I have written about in the past but for the sake of those that aren’t familiar with this concept I will recap. I will also talk about some [...]

Silvia’s Power Pancakes – a healing recipe for autistic children / autism

This is part 2 to: Here is a recipe to Silvia’s Power Pancakes. (protein & vitamin packed “power pancakes”) 1 1/4 cup ORGANIC Whole Wheat flour 2 tablespoons Raw ORGANIC Honey 2 teaspoons baking powder w/out aluminum (you can leave out for flat unleavened Passover pancakes) 3 ORGANIC eggs 1 cup Whole ORGANIC milk 1/2 [...]

Rabbit’s and Their Habits

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In this world, there are many creatures, all with their own characteristics. Some more like others, while particular ones are very unique, or weird and act extremely strange and unfriendly. The mammal in this report is the bunny, rabbit, or one of the animals on the bottom of the [...]