Creative Illustration, “1800’s Ad for the Oregon Trail”

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Yay! We have our very first contest entry for the week! Contest Entry Artwork: 1800's Ad for the Oregon Trail by Bonnie M. Great Job Bonnie!

Creative Writing Poetry, “Trials of the Oregon Trail”

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TRIALS OF THE OREGON TRAIL With hearts set as one, we made our way, Though danger and death were set in array. Too eager to reach what lay ahead, We stood fast and none fled. Though disease was pressing at our backs, We held to hope and hoisted our packs. And wearily we pressed on still, Though [...]

Creative Writing Song, “The Oregon Trail Sad Song”

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The Oregon Trail Sad Song Through these paths and trails, through the night en' the gails. That light of America On that hill, just away's. There's a free land of Oregon, A land of the sun. A land that is free to run. The Oregon trail sad song, which is carried on. By us pioneers who saw that storm Of [...]

In the News – Woman accidentally poisons family with backyard mushrooms

Hi Everyone, Our group is very supportive of forging for wild food. It is a great way to expand your food security. However it is vital that you correctly identify plants before you eat them. This article is a perfect example of what can go wrong. Woman Accidentally Poisons Family With [...]

Creative Writing Short Story, “Mary Finds Her Doll”

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MARY FINDS HER DOLL Little Mary ran frantically over to her mother, tears staining the edges of her soft rosy cheeks. "Mother!" She cried desperately. "Mother she's gone!" Her mother began to rise, none too quickly, from off the wagon she had a moment ago been seated on. Her face bore [...]