Rabbit’s and Their Habits

In this world, there are many creatures, all with their own characteristics. Some more like others, while particular ones are very unique, or weird and act extremely strange and unfriendly. The mammal in this report is the bunny, rabbit, or one of the animals on the bottom of the [...]

Picking The Right Sheep For You

Namely the most common farm animal in the world, sheep can be used for 2 to 3 different purposes. 1. Their wool is highly favored. 2. They produce some of the most delicious meat in the world. and 3. They also give the sweetest milk in the world. In [...]

Chickens and Their Dashing Combs!

Chickens, who doesn't love them? I bet they are cuter then a flying pet gerbil. With feathers, a tall straight comb, those dashing show looks, and sometimes motherly manners, chickens make the best pet for any family. Whether it's a Australorp for the eggs, or it's a Silkie for [...]

Cows For A Family Farm

Cows, a typical country family favorite that has been a long-lasting friend for many generations. They give milk, a dairy product, beef, a meat product, and love, a personal product that you cannot find in the market or store. That is why, owning the cow yourself will make a [...]

More Moo Cows! Dairy Farms and Fresh Milk

Driving down a road and seeing cows outside has got to make you smile. Little calves and their mamma's are about the sweetest thing in the world. Let's say the cows are Friesian. Most of the time that means that the farm is really a dairy farm. In this [...]

Broody Hens

Once in a while, you might find your hens sitting on their eggs, not willing to budge, their body temperature raised a hundred percent, and feathers scattered all around. These are big time signs that you have a broody hen. Now having a broody hen is not bad, as [...]