Creative Writing Poetry, “Trials of the Oregon Trail”

TRIALS OF THE OREGON TRAIL With hearts set as one, we made our way, Though danger and death were set in array. Too eager to reach what lay ahead, We stood fast and none fled. Though disease was pressing at our backs, We held to hope and hoisted our packs. And wearily we pressed on still, Though [...]

Keep His Word In Thy Heart

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KEEP HIS WORD IN THY HEART   “Thank you Lord for providing me with the strength, the courage, and the determination to keep us going on this journey and for protecting my family from disease, hunger, and all the beasts of the land, Amen. Now I’ll be reading in First John [...]

Creative Writing Short Story, “Mary Finds Her Doll”

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MARY FINDS HER DOLL Little Mary ran frantically over to her mother, tears staining the edges of her soft rosy cheeks. “Mother!” She cried desperately. “Mother she’s gone!” Her mother began to rise, none too quickly, from off the wagon she had a moment ago been seated on. Her face bore [...]


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I am here to give a short, but insightful outlook on cooking on an open fire, what that is like, and what to expect. I know it can look so fun and just the best thing ever on those movies where the women are outside just making those nice southern [...]