Traversing The Oregon Trail -The Ox

A 2,200 mile long trail stretching across terrain that changes periodically and weather that is most often less then pleasant, is nothing to be taken lightly. That’s why the pioneers chose their equipment carefully and invested whatever meager earnings they could into insuring their travel gear was efficient. Oxen [...]

Fun Art Tutorial

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Do you ever these tiny urges that last for about ten seconds, where you feel like you could write a book, dance for an hour, clean your whole house and become an athlete? Well you’re not alone. I was feeling this way the other day(except it only lasted for [...]

The Black Ratsnake

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There are so many different kinds of snakes out there.  Though many snakes are venomous and very aggressive, some are not as dangerous as others, and people simply need to know the difference between the two. The Black Ratsnake (or chicken snake) is a non poisonous snake, commonly found in [...]

Wood Sorrel

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Wood Sorrel Wood sorrel is a edible wild flower commonly know as “sour grass”. Wood sorrel has several species but this article  will be about yellow wood sorrel. Native to North America ,Eurasia , and small spots in Britain, yellow wood sorrel, like most any plant, grows well in sunny areas [...]