The Black Ratsnake

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There are so many different kinds of snakes out there.  Though many snakes are venomous and very aggressive, some are not as dangerous as others, and people simply need to know the difference between the two. The Black Ratsnake (or chicken snake) is a non poisonous snake, commonly found in [...]

Aloe Vera/ Aloeaceae

What is it?  The Aloe Vera is a world-wide-loved plant, known for its wonderful soothing, cosmetic, and healing properties. Many businesses today use the Aloe Vera in their soaps, shampoos, and even medicines. At-home dare-devils attempt to use the Aloe Vera in many creative ways; unfortunately, not enough people [...]

Chinese Privet/Ligustrum lucidum

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What is it?  The Chinese Privet is a poisonous medicinal plant used for over 2,000 years in ancient Chinese Medicine. And although the plant can be toxic if taken in large amounts, in small amounts this bush is extremely helpful in aiding vision, kidney problems, and even insomnia. Please [...]

Wild Peach/ Prunus Persica

What is it?  Almost everybody knows what a peach is, whether they like the fruit or not. The peach is an American favorite, and has earned a place in most American homes. But what many folks, both city and country bound, don’t know is that the delicious peach will [...]

Poppy Mallow/Callirhoe involucrata

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What is it?  The Purple Poppy Mallow or better known as the Winecup is a beautiful garden flower that eventually escaped into the wild and now grows across the rolling hills of Texas, Oklahoma, and the states surrounding Kansas. This plant is a simple flower, and there is not [...]

Foxtail Barley/Hordeum Jubatum

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What is it?  This is a grassy plant with barley-looking seeds at the very top. There are many species of this plant, and some recourses say this plant is specifically dangerous for animals such as dogs and cats. If this large seed cluster is swallowed, the barbed awns can [...]

Daylily/ Hemoracillis

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What is it?  The Daylily is a beautiful plant most recognized for its blooming orange/yellow /reddish flowers. The color varies depending on the variety.  There are many uses for the flowers, shoots, and leaves; as well as being a beautiful garden ornament. In fact, the species name, Hemoracillis, comes from [...]

Black-eyed Susan/ Rudbeckia Hirta

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What is it?  Across Oklahoma, there is a plant that has stumped many with its beauty leaving them baffled. This plant is called the Black-eyed Susan, and was used by many Native American Indians to cure worms, colds and flues, and even snake bites. As a warning, this plant [...]

Blackberry/Rubus Spp.

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What is it?  Blackberries are a thorny vine in the Raspberry family.  They tend to grow in large patches, creating a hedge of protection for any wild creature who dares venture in. The blackberry provides much food in ways people may have never dreamed of, so today we will [...]