Nectarine Ginger Jam (Nana’s Jam)


2 quarts peeled, pitted, and halved nectarines
2 cups water
6 teaspoons ground ginger or 10 teaspoons finely shopped fresh ginger
3 cups sugar
1/4 cup sure jell


  • Begin by boiling the water to bubbling point and carefully adding all the nectarines. Boil till nectarines are soft and mushy. Add ginger, 2 cups of sugar, and boil till thick and syrupy.
  • While jam is cooking, prepare jars for canning. Set aside a separate pot of boil water for the canning part.
  • After the jam is thick, add the sure jell and turn off heat. Stir every now and then till jam has reached the jelling point. Add more ginger according to taste, or more nectarines and water if too strong.
  • Fill jars with jam, leaving 1/2 inch space on top while jam is still very hot.
  • Seal jars with good lids, and carefully put into pot with boiling water. Boil jars roughly 10 minutes and remove. Let jars cool, name and date jam, then store in pantry.


Recipe by Christian Calhoun