Tangerine Marmalade


3 pounds Tangerine
5 tablespoon lemon juice
3 cups sugar
3 tablespoon pectin


Step 1

Begin by boiling water and lemon juice in medium sized pot.

Step 2

Wash tangerines thoroughly to remove any pesticides and wax used on the citrus.
Cut each tangerine in half, and peel off the skin

Step 3

Separate the skins from the fruit. The peelings should weigh to about 1 pound. Take 1/2 pound peelings and thinly slice the peelings.

Step 4

Add the peeling to the boiling water and lemon juice and boil for roughly 10 minutes.

Step 5

Carefully add the fruit to the boiling mixture and stir till fruit is soft, about 10 minute

Step 6

Add sugar and boil till slightly thickened.

Step 7

Remove pot from boiling and turn of heat. Strain the mixture in a colander over a bowl to catch all the juice. Use a masher and squeeze out as much juice as possible from the pulp in the colander.

Step 8

Take the juice and return it to the pot on the stove and begin boiling it. As if boils, separate what you want from the pulp, and eat the rest if you want.

Step 9

Add the fruit pectin and stir till slightly thickened. Test for the perfect jam texture by taking a small tsp of marmalade and putting it on a cold plate. Let is rest for a minute, and test to see if the mixture if too watery or not. If it is too watery, continue boiling and testing till you find your preferred spread.

Step 10

You can keep this at a jam and not use the rest of the pulp and peeling slices, or you can turn it into a nice marmalade.
For marmalade, take what you want from the separated pulp and add accordingly to the boiling jam.
Turn off heat, and begin filling jars. Can in pressure caner, or boil in water to seal.
Label jars and set aside to cool once they have finished sealing.


Before you close the lid and seal the jar, add a pinch of ginger to each pint. Ginger goes wonderfully with citrus fruit, and makes delicious jams and jellies.

Recipe by Christian Calhoun