EatTheWeeds: Episode 09: Making Hard Cider

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Cider Hard, But Quick and Easy

Learn Green Deane’s quick and easy technique to make hard cider or any lightly fermented fruit juice in season. 135 of Green Deane’s You Tubes are available on DVDs:

A Note of Thanks:

I have no idea how we stumbled upon Eat the Weeds with Green Deane but this is one Youtuber I would recommend anyone subscribing to, especially those that want to learn about survival and prepping. Green Deane offers a world of information about eating plants we would typically consider "weeds". He eats right from his backyard of "weeds" and tells you all about them. Included in some of his videos is some REALLY good looking dishes he cooks up using the weeds from his garden.

We are very thankful for Green Deane's permission to use and share his videos with our website visitors and members. We appreciate the fact that he is careful and very knowledgeable.  He explains what the plant is and what to look out for in case there is similar poisonous plants.  He has a wonderful CD set available for sale on his website at:  You can also help support his endeavors to provide more free videos, resources like this one by visiting his GoFundme page.