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Help your children learn botany / plant identification using our free home school family and teacher resource coloring pages!
Select the coloring page above, right click, save it to your computer and print! Enjoy! And share with your friends and family as much as you like!

Many thanks to botanical coloring page artist Karl Urban as well as our growing community of friends and family that help to make this site so special and fun!

For the sake of learning more about this plant we encourage you to have your children color using the plants natural colors. Also, consider researching it’s qualities such as where it can be found and if it’s edible or poisonous. Many of the coloring pages have a large empty space next to the flower. This was done on purpose! 😀 This empty space is the perfect opportunity to have your child either be creative with their imagination by putting whatever they want in the picture or you can challenge them to write facts about the plant in that empty space.

Search our site using the name of the plant for more pictures and information. If we don't have enough information on our site then consider looking up the plant on Wikipedia.

The following are some wonderful classroom projects using our coloring pages to help you and your child learn more about this amazing "new" plant!

#1 Print the same coloring page for each student as well as one for yourself.
#2 Do a little research before the project.

Search our site for more pictures and information about this plant. If we don’t have enough information on our site then consider checking out wikipedia. You’ll probably have better success finding the plant if you use the Latin/scientific name instead of the common name. Option one: learn a little about the plant yourself and talk about the plant as everyone is coloring the page together. Option two: print up the article and some photos of the plant and let the children each have a copy so they can study the plant themselves.

#3 Teacher/parent sit and color the pages together with your children and discuss the plant together. Let each child share their thoughts about the plant. Focus on learning the plant colors and qualities. Talk about how the leaves are shaped and how tall the plant may get. Ask if anyone has ever seen this plant before.

#1 Print DIFFERENT coloring pages for each student. (see more pages)
#2 Find articles, videos and pictures about each plant (here, online or in books).
#3 Have the child study the pictures and information.
#4 Option: Have the child write a report about what they learned.
#5 Sharing: Let each child share with the class what they learned about and show the picture they colored.
#6 Share with us! Send us what was learned or the colored page/s and we’ll share it with the world!

Go outside and try and find the plant! If you can't find this plant, try to find another new plant to learn about. New plants can be found everywhere! Try looking in your backyard, front yard, a park or even on the roadside! The more you observe plants in general the sooner you'll be able to identify them individually. Don't worry if it takes you a while. Before you know it you'll find yourself noticing and remembering plants you never knew before.

Consider offering a reward to those who can identify a new plant! This will make it a lot more exciting for your children to learn! Contests and reward systems are sure to bring enthusiasm to almost any project and to almost any person, young or old! Use this to your benefit (making education a lot easier) as well as their education more enjoyable!

Find a plant you can identify (for example a dandelion, morning glory or sunflower) any plant will do as long as you can identify which plant it is. Set it in the center of the table. Have children sit around the table and each person draw the plant from their perspective. No one moves the plant! Afterwards share your drawings with everyone else and discuss the plants qualities. (see our perspectives activity for more information on this fun and rewarding activity)

Kids love sharing, how about you? Share your experience with us and with others! Did you learn something new about plants and their qualities? How about your children? Consider having your children write a journal or report on what they learned about the plant or the activity. Share the report with us using Word or email so we can share it with our growing community and those that come to visit. Scan any pictures they may have drawn and send us a copy. We would love to share your experience and your children’s with everyone else!

• Have you seen this plant where you live?
• Do you know something about this plant we haven't posted such as historical information, usefulness, health benefits (or detriments to our health!)?
• Do you have pictures of this plant you can share with us?

The more pictures we can share with everyone the easier it will be for them to identify the plant. Part of plant identification is seeing different angles, different stages of growth, different seasons and different qualities of health. So the more pictures we have, the better!

Please note, it's very important that whatever pictures or information you share with us belongs to you. Please do not use another person's pictures or written words when sharing. Note, there is no copyright on facts - so don't hesitate to share facts you've learned as well as pictures you've taken.

We welcome your information and participation! We’d love to hear from you!
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