Online Puzzle: Waiting for the Caravan

Surviving the Oregon Trail now offers FREE online puzzles to help home school families and teacher with resources such as these to get your child more familiar with History, Geography & Survival! Putting puzzles pieces together can help you do just that! Try this calming and fun puzzle to help to build familiarity and understanding of our historical times and places through visual interaction. Add excitement and interest by challenging others to beat certain scores or by offering fun rewards for competitions or timely completion.


  • Choose how many pieces you want your puzzle to have (the more pieces the more difficult the puzzle).
  • Press the shuffle button to start the clock and shuffle pieces.
  • Use your left mouse button to select and move the pieces
  • Use your right mouse button to turn the pieces this way or that.
  • Try to put the puzzle pieces back together in record time!
  • Then, try and challenge someone to beat your score!
  • Have fun everyone!