Writing Prompts

1. You are on a great adventure indeed! The Great Migration has just begun and you are on one of the ships sailing for the America’s. Write what happens while you’re on board.

2. One day, just as you were about the feed the llamas, some rich-looking people come by and interrupt your daily chores. They show you a family tree and explain that you are the last descendant to the late royal Lord who settled in America during the 1600’s.

3. You own one of the richest plantations in Massachusette’s Bay Colony. The townsfolk all love you as you are a kind person and have given you an honorable nickname, which people came to know you by hundreds of years later. What is that nickname and why did they give it to you?

4. The American Revolution is taking place, and you are a Revolutionary Spy on your way to deliver a message to John Hancock. It is wet, snowing, and you have no shoes! Just when things couldn’t get any worse, the British capture you and suspect you are a spy. Plan your escape!

5. The date is 1774, and the day is hot and humid. Everything is going normally until a peculiar-looking fellow comes along and claims he is your great-great-great-great-grandson from the future! He is here to help you escape, but he never tells you from what.