Dr. Whitman May 1844

FROM DR. WHITMAN WAIILATPU, May 16th, 1844. My Dear Father and Mother : — A little more than a year has elapsed since I had the pleasure of seeing you. The remembrance of that visit will never be effaced from my mind. I did not misjudge as to my duty to [...]

Dr. Whitman May 1846

Miss Jane A. Prentiss, Quincy, Adams Co., Illinois, U.S.A. WAIILATPU May 15th, 1846. Edward and Jane Prentiss, My Dear Brother and Sister: It gave us much pleasure to receive your letter by the last emigration, but it would have given us more to have seen you both here. If I could have known more [...]

Dr. Whitman June 1836

ON PLATTE RIVER, 30 MILES ABOVE THE FORKS. June 4th, 1836. Dear Father and Mother Prentiss: You will be anxious to hear from us at this distance and learn our situation and progress. We have been greatly blest thus far on our journey. We have had various trials, it is true, [...]