Narcissa Whitman Letters April 1836

April 1st 1836. - Nothing of much importance occurred to-day. My eyes are satiated with the same beautiful scenery all along the coasts of this mighty river, so peculiar to this western country. One year ago to-day since my husband first arrived in St. Louis on his exploring route [...]

Narcissa Whitman Letters March 1836

ON BOARD STEAMBOAT SIAM March 15, 1836. Dear, Dear Mother: Your proposal concerning keeping a diary as I journey comes before my mind often. I have not found it practicable while traveling by land, although many events have passed which, if noted as they occurred, might have been interesting. We left Pittsburgh [...]

Narcissa December 1836

Rev. Mrs. H.K.W. Perkins, Willamette. WALLA WALLA, Dec. 5, 1836 My Dear Mother: I have been thinking of my beloved parents this evening; of the parting scene, and of the probability that I shall never see those dear faces again while I live. Sweet as it used to be, when my heart was [...]

Narcissa October 1836

Oct. 18th. The Montreal Express came this afternoon, and a general time of rejoicing it is to everyone. News from distant friends, both sad and pleasing. Mr. Spalding has come with it and brought a letter from my husband, filled with pleasing information. The Lord has been with them since they [...]

Dr. Whitman June 1836

ON PLATTE RIVER, 30 MILES ABOVE THE FORKS. June 4th, 1836. Dear Father and Mother Prentiss: You will be anxious to hear from us at this distance and learn our situation and progress. We have been greatly blest thus far on our journey. We have had various trials, it is true, [...]

Narcissa June 1836

PLATTE RIVER, JUST ABOVE THE FORKS, JUNE 3RD, 1836. Dear Sister Harriet and Brother Edward: Friday eve, six o'clock. We have just encamped for the night near the bluffs over against the river. The bottoms are a soft, wet plain, and we were obliged to leave the river yesterday for the [...]