Dr. Whitman May 1844

FROM DR. WHITMAN WAIILATPU, May 16th, 1844. My Dear Father and Mother : — A little more than a year has elapsed since I had the pleasure of seeing you. The remembrance of that visit will never be effaced from my mind. I did not misjudge as to my duty to [...]

Narcissa Whitman Letter April 12, 1844

WAIILATPU Oregon Territory, April 12th, 1844 My Beloved Father: — I was coming up the Columbia river from the Willamette and Vancouver with Rev. Jason Lee when your welcomed letter reached me. My husband had each of the stations of the Mission to visit before he could come after me. Mr. [...]

Narcissa October 1844

Hon. Stephen Prentiss Cuba, Allegheny Co., New York. WAIILATPU Oct. 9th, 1844. Beloved and Honored Parents: I have no unanswered letters on hand, either from dear father and mother or any of the family, yet I cannot refrain from writing every stated opportunity. The season has arrived when the emigrants are beginning [...]