Narcissa March 1842

Miss Jane Prentiss, Quincy, Illinois, U.S.A. (Favor of Mr. Edward Rogers.) WAIILATPU March 1st, 1842. Mr. Dear Jane and Edward: I was busy all the forenoon in preparing my husband for his departure. He left about two o'clock p.m. to go on a professional visit to Brother Walker's, and I am once more left [...]

Narcissa June 1839

WIELETPOO June 25th, 1839 My Dear Sister: Your letter of April inst. I received but a few days ago, or it would have been answered much sooner. You make some important inquiries concerning my treatment of my precious child, Alice Clarissa, now laying by me a lifeless lump of clay. Yes, of [...]

Narcissa March 1837

WI-EL-ET-POO. March 30, 1837 Dear Parents, Brothers and Sisters: Again I can speak of the goodness and mercy of the Lord to us in an especial manner. On the evening of my birthday, March 14th, we received the gift of a little daughter-a treasure invaluable. During the winter my health was very [...]

Narcissa December 1836

Rev. Mrs. H.K.W. Perkins, Willamette. WALLA WALLA, Dec. 5, 1836 My Dear Mother: I have been thinking of my beloved parents this evening; of the parting scene, and of the probability that I shall never see those dear faces again while I live. Sweet as it used to be, when my heart was [...]

Narcissa October 1836

Oct. 18th. The Montreal Express came this afternoon, and a general time of rejoicing it is to everyone. News from distant friends, both sad and pleasing. Mr. Spalding has come with it and brought a letter from my husband, filled with pleasing information. The Lord has been with them since they [...]