PINE LEAF, THE INDIAN HEROINE. A Poem by James Beckwourth, 1798-1866

PINE LEAF, THE INDIAN HEROINE I've seen her in her youthful years; Her heart was light and free, Her black eyes never dimm'd with tears, So happy then was she. "When warriors from the fight returned. And halted for display, The trophies that the victors won She was first to bring away. I've seen her kiss her brother's [...]

The Day of Doom by Michael Wigglesworth 1662

1662 Best-selling classic. The poem is the longest poem of the Colonial Period, with two hundred and twenty-four stanzas. Eighteen hundred copies were sold within a year, and for the next century it held a secure place in New England Puritan households". According to the Norton Anthology of American [...]

Timeline 1800’s | 19th Century

19th Century 1801 Thomas Jefferson was elected President by the House of Representatives. Aaron Burr became Vice President. Adams appointed John Marshall Chief Justice. 1803 The Supreme Court issued a decision in Marbury v. Madison which overturned a portion of Section 13 of the Judiciary Act of 1789. Louisiana Purchase: The purchase was [...]

Timeline 1700’s | 18th Century

18th Century 1732 First Great Awakening 1752 June 15 Benjamin Franklin's kite experiment took place. After September 2 (O.S.), the British government adopted the Gregorian calendar. All dates hereafter are given in the New Style. 1754 May 28 French and Indian War: The war began. 1764 April 5 The Sugar Act, intended to raise [...]

Timeline 1600’s | 17th Century

1607 May 14 Captain John Smith founded the Jamestown settlement on behalf of England. 1609 At first, the natives were glad to trade provisions to the colonists for metal tools, but by 1609 John Smith began sending raiding parties to demand food. Native Americans were isolated, their houses burnt down, [...]