The Pioneer Cookbook

The Pioneer Cookbook: Recipes for Today's Kitchen returns us to a simpletime when food filled our souls and everything was made from scratch. This book contains over 200 pioneer recipes adapted for today's kitchen. Each recipe uses everyday ingredients and includes easy to-follow instructions. Some of the mouthwatering recipes in [...]

Log Cabin Cooking: Pioneer Recipes &

Peppered with authentic 19th century photographs, Log Cabin Cooking is smothered with old-time recipes, kitchen proverbs, even a pinch of proper pioneer etiquette! Make-do recipes include Leather Britches, Ash Cake and Portable Soup, using the ingredients available to settlers 150 years ago! Other goodies: hand-dipped candle making, soup warnings, [...]

Blank Cookbook – Recipe Journal

[ad_1] Blank Cookbook: Recipe Journal Grab an apron and a pencil and starting jotting down your best recipes in this stylish blank cookbook. This blank recipe book is perfect for creating and sharing your personal recipes. You’ll find it easy to organize your favorite meals and safely store those cherished recipes [...]

Lincoln’s Table: Victorian Recipes from Kentucky, Indiana, and Illinois to the White House

Lincoln’s Table: Victorian Recipes from Kentucky, Indiana and Illinois to the White House is a collection of recipes, each one of which has been traced to Lincoln’s dining table at some point in his life. That table may have been the rough table made by his father, or the [...]