Aloe Vera/ Aloeaceae

What is it?  The Aloe Vera is a world-wide-loved plant, known for its wonderful soothing, cosmetic, and healing properties. Many businesses today use the Aloe Vera in their soaps, shampoos, and even medicines. At-home dare-devils attempt to use the Aloe Vera in many creative ways; unfortunately, not enough people [...]

Wild Peach/ Prunus Persica

What is it?  Almost everybody knows what a peach is, whether they like the fruit or not. The peach is an American favorite, and has earned a place in most American homes. But what many folks, both city and country bound, don’t know is that the delicious peach will [...]

Oak: Acorn Tree/Quercus Spp.

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What is it?  The Oak tree is one of the many mighty trees growing in the plains, woods, and hardwood forests of Oklahoma, Texas, and a hundred other places. The acorns that fall from the Oak tree have been long used as a food especially by the Native Americans [...]