Narcissa October 1847

WAIILATPU Oct. 12th, 1847. Dear Jane: Two men are at this place on their way to the States. One of them, Mr. Glenday, intends to return to this country next spring with his family. I have importuned him, and made an arrangement to have you accompany them to Waiilatpu. Now Jane, will [...]

Narcissa August 1847

August 23-1847 My Dear Parents:-I see I cannot finish my letter without interruptions, and long ones, too. Another resolution of the meeting was that husband see to getting houses built for the mothers of the mission families, so that they could spend the winter here for the sake of having [...]

Narcissa July 1847

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WAIILATPU, OREGON TERRITORY. July 4th, 1847. My Dear Mother: It was not convenient for me to write to any of my friends in the States, the past spring by the returning of immigrants except sister Jane. To her I wrote briefly, in answer to the one received in March by the hand [...]