Creative Writing Poetry, “Candlelight Trials”

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Candlelight Trials By candle light I take my steps By faith I move about. In search of our handmade tent We folded inside out. Our wagon guards my white cow Which reminds me of home. We left for a promised land Yet we were not alone. We left with a wagon train Full of hope to arrive. Before the cold [...]

God’s Little Miracle – a poem by Christian Calhoun

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GOD’S LITTLE MIRACLE There’s a miracle in the sky, It’s one of God’s creation. It has so many friends, There’s so many to mention. All the comets and stars, Even the dawn and noon. All come to gather around, To see the smiling moon. This creation has a job, That God renews every day. It must tell all people, That God [...]

Treasure Chest Poem

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Little Dandy Chorner, Sat in a corner. And started eating her bread. She took a big bite, Then looked toward the light, and said, Now to go to bed. Little Dandy Chorner, Slept in the corner. With now, a little chest. It holds my dolly, And my toy, melon collie. Plus my first math test.

In the News – Woman accidentally poisons family with backyard mushrooms

Hi Everyone, Our group is very supportive of forging for wild food. It is a great way to expand your food security. However it is vital that you correctly identify plants before you eat them. This article is a perfect example of what can go wrong. Woman Accidentally Poisons Family With [...]

Fluoride in our water – will it Drone us all?

Here’s some articles Caine read yesterday about fluoride. We had heard a little bit about it before, but these really “opened” our understanding… Seems like the government is drugging us all slowly through our tap water using Fluoride. Which has been tested and shows it creates a more passive and [...]

Is It CHEAPER to make our own bread vs store bought bread?

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Author: Darren Grant Real Ark Ministries White bread is nutritionally worthless. The lecithin and omega fatty acids have been removed so it will have a longer shelf life. I purchased two loafs of iron kids enriched white bread a few years back the first month of school free with a coupon. I [...]

Homemade Tortillas (with oil, not butter)

by Nicky I LOVE homemade flour tortillas! As a child, I remember going over to a friend’s house when her mother made fresh tortillas. The smell filled the house and we would line up to get them fresh off the grill. They were delicious all by themselves. But add a [...]

Is prepping silly or “insurance” for troublesome times?

I thought this was soooo well said by Kat so I thought I’d post it and share with you all as well. Re: Prepping “There have been times when I have considered each of the things you mentioned, Heather. I think any or all are possible. But one thing I cannot [...]

Are chickens permitted in OKC city limits? Yes and No

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Thought I’d share.. I had thought we were allowed to have chickens in the city now… but I guess it was just a good news rumor with limited truth.  I contacted the city today to confirm whether we could or could not (for those that have less than an acre [...]

Survival Preparation – Wildfire Readiness

Written by Read Omohundro ( Despite the relief of this week’s rain, the fire danger our state still lingers. The recent fires  forcing people out of their homes reminds me of the natural instinct of survival. Watching the news and listening to the heartfelt stories of those who lost so [...]