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Interested in becoming a “Trail Guide” for Surviving the Oregon Trail? But wait, what is a “Trail Guide”, you ask? A Trail Guide is simply one who is willing and interested in leading others in interesting topics, lessons and adventures. Some may refer to them as Teachers, Authors and Leaders… But here in Surviving the Oregon Trail we refer to them as Trail Guides!

While the Trail Guide does get to enjoy the benefit of extra attention and adoration of those who follow, the heart of a true Surviving the Oregon Trail Guide always looks out for the well-being, safety and interest of everyone involved, because we genuinely care about others! So when a Trail Guide writes lessons or articles their intent is always to help inform, guide and encourage their readers.

Trail Guides will be given an honorary Trail Guide profile page where they can share their personal interests, hobbies and even products they have to sell for the benefit and enjoyment of the community. We will be featuring a Trail Guide of the month so you may find your exciting profile in the headlines of Surviving the Oregon Trail and possibly even our up-coming quarterly magazine!

We have no age or geographical preference or requirement. What is important to us is that our “guides” are led by conviction to do good and to live well and to encourage and to educate others in healthy living and genuine acts of kindness.

* Disclaimer: We reserve the right to decline any application without the need of explanation.

We ask that your articles or lessons be a minimum of 300 words. There is no maximum word limit at this time.

Not at all. In fact, we try to reward our authors, writers, teachers (Trail Guides) with as much incentives as possible, including being a Featured Author/Teacher of the month or having a featured article in our website and/or up-coming magazine! Also we provide you the opportunity to have your own profile page where you can share your own interests, links and products with our visitors if approved.

We’ll create a profile page for you after you have listed at least 3 articles, activities, reports or lessons for our members to read, enjoy and benefit from.

We will need you to send us your profile picture, and the links you would like us to promote such as your website, facebook, Pinterest, Youtube, Google+, Amazon store and other websites of interest! There may be some links we do not list but you are welcome to submit them for our consideration.

Please provide us with a short description of yourself and your interests so our readers and your new “Trail Followers” can get to know you better.

We will select a featured author of the month based off of a few strong interests:

1. The author writes an impressive and helpful article/s or lesson/s that apply to history, geography & survival or some really fun activities. Please note that the topic of survival covers so many areas including self-sustaining, prepping, plant identification, health care, first aid, CPR and self-defense to name a few.

2. The author has written many helpful articles and is a big contributor to our website’s progress.

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