Dive into our rich history filled with joy and sorrow, triumph and defeat. Learn about the people and places that formed our country into what it is today! Where did all the people come from, and where were they going? Why did the pioneers seek a new land and what happened to the ones who lived there before? Find this out and more in Surviving the Oregon Trail!


Let us take you on a ride through the wild, wild west and beyond!  Learn STRANGE facts and neat landmarks throughout the land between Missouri to Oregon, as well as California & Utah.  Hands-on Activities and fun games will help you expand your understanding and GROW YOUR INTEREST in Geography through our new and fun filled Surviving the Oregon Trail studies!


Have you ever wondered what it might be like for the pioneers of old?  How did they travel, how did they survive?  What accidents and tragedies did they endure along the way?  Where did they find food and water in order to make it to their destination ALIVE?  Explore with us not only how they survived but how you too can survive the great unknown!

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Oklahoma Village Home school Co-op Classes begin…

New lessons and live free classes forming now!  This will be a great year as we embark upon the studies of the westward expansion and the American pioneer lifestyles of the mid-19th century.  A FREE live 2 hour class every Friday will be given to home school families in and near Oklahoma.  Be sure to register so you can stay posted on when and where this will be held!

Featured Guest Retired Navy Corpsman Caine Calhoun…

Caine Calhoun will be coming to the Co-op once a month to teach first-aid classes to those in the Surviving the Oregon Trail class.  Caine is a retired Navy Corpsman who worked in the ER driving ambulances and assisting Dr.’s in emergency services in Guantanamo Bay Cuba Naval Base.

I really am excited about the Oregon Trail studies…

“I’ve been hooked on all the books and trinkets and activities and oh my gosh… It’s exciting! Lol – you are soooo right, there are just sooo many things that can be touched upon and learned from this era.. I’ve never had such a hunger and love for history as I find myself having right now. It has been a thrill!” Crystal Calhoun



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