Apple Cider Vinegar and Garlic, a Natural Healing Remedy for Ringworm

Looking to rid someone of ringworm? Consider using these natural remedies to help solve the problem. Ringworm is an ailment that is pretty deceptive as far the name goes. Usually, most people would tend to believe that it’s a kind of worm invading our body that ends up sucking [...]

Todd Conaway’s Alcohol Cook Stove

A review of Todd Conaway’s Alcohol Stove. Todd introduced us to his creation back in November 2012 during the Prepper’s Fair we held in Edmond, OK. He demonstrated its usefulness, and amazed the crowd. Upon receiving one of my own, I was ready to put it to work. [...]

Tornado Survival

  Tornado Survival is a regular part of an Oklahoma resident’s routine. Some have storm shelters on their property. Others, have identified either the basement or another well protected location inside their house in the event of a tornado. But what should be done if you are directly affected by [...]

Is prepping silly or “insurance” for troublesome times?

I thought this was soooo well said by Kat so I thought I’d post it and share with you all as well. Re: Prepping “There have been times when I have considered each of the things you mentioned, Heather. I think any or all are possible. But one thing I cannot [...]

Catastrophe Awareness – Preppers Communication Plan

Resource: Catastrophe Network With Thanks to Vickie for sharing! Catastrophe Network and The American Preparedness Radio Network (TAPRN) have teamed up to create a Standardized Amateur Radio Prepper Communications Plan. This plan outlines a standard set of frequencies that should be used by all preppers following a catastrophic disaster. These frequencies [...]

Survivalist terminology and Outlook

Alpha Strategy: The practice of storing extra consumable items, as a hedge against inflation, and for use in barter and charity. Coined by John Pugsley. BOB: Bug-out bag. BOL: Bug-out location. BOV: Bug-out vehicle. Crunch: A general term for a major, long-term disaster. Electromagnetic pulse (EMP) – an extreme level of electromagnetic energy sufficient [...]

STAYING Part 4 Roles and Responsibilities

Author: Read Omohundro ( A key factor of STAYING in one location means defining clear roles for every person occupying the same location. Whether that one location is a single dwelling or a collection of dwellings, each person takes on a role; each role has responsibilities. This final segment of [...]

Safe Bartering

Ever barter for something from a Flea Market? Did you get a good deal? Or did you get more than you bargained for? Many in the prepping community feel that if the system fails, most people will resort to bartering. In the event that you should find yourself in [...]

Winter Vehicle Prep

Winter time proves challenging in the Oklahoma area. Unlike some states, the cold season here usually starts in January. More often than not, cold snaps occur when least expected followed by a relatively warm session. Many a time I have spent Christmas Day and New Year’s Day in a [...]

Build Your Home in a Winter Wonderland! Pt 2

If you haven’t already, check out “Survive in a Winter Wonderland Part 1” Even though your lost in the woods you can still survive if your pack is filled with the necessary items to survive in a winter wonderland that is about to turn into a winter nightmare! Your pack [...]