Organic living – Lemongrass benefits / Stay Healthy!

Fresh Lemon Grass Native of Sri Lanka and India, (Cymbopogon citratus) All natural affordable home remedies using lemongrass General uses of Lemongrass relieve spasms, muscle cramps, rheumatism Cough, cold & sore throats fever reducer Anxiety Headaches High cholesterol Type 2 diabetes Colitis Digestion Rough, dry, scaly skin Acne Constipation Kidney detoxification Insomnia Relaxation & deep sleep natural and free of allergens. Strong antioxidants Description grass like plant with razor-like blades a tall tropical [...]

The Smartweed/Water-pepper

Across the United States of America, there is a plant. A smart plant, a glorious plant, a really spicy plant! Okay, this plant has no brain cells, so it can’t be smart, but after tasting this plant, thoughts of wisdom will flood your mind. NEXT TIME I WON’T EAT [...]

In the News – Woman accidentally poisons family with backyard mushrooms

Hi Everyone, Our group is very supportive of forging for wild food. It is a great way to expand your food security. However it is vital that you correctly identify plants before you eat them. This article is a perfect example of what can go wrong. Woman Accidentally Poisons Family With [...]

The Mallow – The original Marshmallow

As the famous Witch in Snow White once said “Mallow, mallow on the ground, who is fairest town to town?” Okay, she didn’t quite say that, but in this report we will go through the facts and fairy-tales of the Mallow, otherwise known as Marshmallow! Wait, hold on, the little [...]

Curly Dock

There is a plant that grows all across America (except for freezing states) called Curly Dock. This plant is not relatively curly, nor does it live near docks, but, you can eat the leaf blades, growing tips of leafy stems, and the seeds. Its green, like most plants are, [...]