Finding Water – Dowsing

In this report I will explain different ways to find water. How to dig for water, and in what is the best way to do it. What is a Dowser??? Well a dowser is someone who knows how to find water the extremely old fashioned way. This is also the [...]

Lyra / Constellation

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The Greeks, the Romans, and humankind today love to study planets, stars, and constellations. Lots of stars are picked to make a constellations. In the constellation Cygnus the swan, there are ten stars in it. In the constellation Leo the lion, there are sixteen stars in it. While in [...]

Oregon Trail – a poem by Christian Calhoun

Oregon Trail The starting point for the Oregon trail. Independence Missouri. They bound ahead for six long months. Plus they had to hurry. They brought their lanterns, guns and ammo. Flour, sugar and coffee. These people were called the pioneers. They planned to make money. They headed in the direction of Oregon. The great state of rich soil. California had [...]

Feelings – a poem by Christian Calhoun

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Feelings I dislike people when their making me mad, I dislike movies when they make me feel sad. I dislike working when I am so weary, I dislike talking when my soul feels dreary. I don’t feel like writing, or singing at all, When I’ve been working my arms all day long. But when I am [...]

For Those Who Hate Math – a poem by Christian Calhoun

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                                                       For Those Who Hate Math Math is horrible, Math is a sin. Math is an enemy, That wants to win. Math is a [...]

Leo The Lion / Constellations

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Leo the Lion is a very famous constellation to all human kind. It resembles a crouching lion. In this report I will give facts, information, and religion and fairy-tales about this amazing constellation. Facts: This constellation is located in the northern hemisphere. The best time to see it is during [...]

My Little Lamb Poem – A poem by Christian Calhoun

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The rushing water cooled my freckled face, And sweet summer berries gave me taste. The bright light in the sky shone on me, All the while the sparrows sang happily.The limbs from trees swayed back and forth, The peace all around struck me to the core. Squirrels scurried here and jumped [...]

Worms! The Good, The Bad, and The Yucky

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Hello Worm Amigos! Pull up a milk crate and get comfy.  Guess what? I almost ate something icky.  My mom sent me out to the garden to pick some broccoli. I rinsed it really well and put it on the cutting board. I cut off the florets and went to [...]