Gardening Tips – How to Trim Cucumber vines

How to Trim Cucumbers Written by Rachel Lovejoy, Demand Media Stock Cucumber Image by Mouse-Stock Cucumbers require large amounts of water during dry spells. Once cucumber vines have begun to set fruit, the growth rate increases both in the vines and the fruit. Pruning the vines to remove lateral, or side shoots, redirects [...]

Starting from Seed and the Soil Cube

We actually started most of our stuff from seed this year for the spring garden. We are planning on starting several things from seed for the fall also. For the fall I want to do some more Swiss Chard, lettuce, beans, peas, spinach, and maybe potatoes. We might try [...]

Growing Grubs – composting + free chicken food!

A dear Haitian missionary friend introduced this amazing idea for sustainable living.  In short people are using black solider flies to lay eggs, grow grubs, make compost for the garden and feed chickens automatically!  They eat all the kitchen leftovers (as well as composting poo), grow and get fat [...]