The Conestoga Wagon

During the manifest destiny, when many pioneers headed out seeking land free of toil, several different wagons were used to carry as much of their possessions as possible. One of the largest wagons recorded to being used is the Conestoga wagon. The earliest known point where the Conestoga wagon began [...]

Creative Illustration, “1800’s Ad for the Oregon Trail”

Yay! We have our very first contest entry for the week! Contest Entry Artwork: 1800’s Ad for the Oregon Trail by Bonnie M. Great Job Bonnie!

Creative Writing Poetry, “Trials of the Oregon Trail”

TRIALS OF THE OREGON TRAIL With hearts set as one, we made our way, Though danger and death were set in array. Too eager to reach what lay ahead, We stood fast and none fled. Though disease was pressing at our backs, We held to hope and hoisted our packs. And wearily we pressed on still, Though [...]

Traversing The Oregon Trail -The Ox

A 2,200 mile long trail stretching across terrain that changes periodically and weather that is most often less then pleasant, is nothing to be taken lightly. That’s why the pioneers chose their equipment carefully and invested whatever meager earnings they could into insuring their travel gear was efficient. Oxen [...]

Morale on the Oregon Trail Part 2

Dancing, reading God’s Word, playing music, and throwing frisbee were all wonderful past-time activities the pioneers enjoyed during the age of Manifest destiny. But those weren’t the only activities the pioneers took part in. Music and dancing can get boring after doing it so many times, so they needed [...]

Creative Writing Poetry, “A Westward Journey”

A Westward Journey In a land you may know, but still long ago, When paths were marked by trees, There set out a brave few who only knew Of an opportunity they wished to seize. From the lands they were in, and from lingering kin, They felt it was time to depart. So when ripe turned [...]