The Pine Tree

The Pine Tree

One of the most common tree across America, the Pine tree with its year round green needles have pushed their way into one of my articles. In this report, I will describe as best as I can what the pine tree looks like and what you can do with this amazing wild edible. I’m not writing about the more rare kinds of Pine trees, just the common one.Pine Bark (4)

This tree has some of the bumpiest bark you ever saw. But, it is very easy to chip off and is an excellent kindling wood replacement. Some sap might drip onto bark, and cause it to be highly flammable, so be cautious. The roots and the inner bark are edible, and very nutritious. Remove the bark, then strip the brown inner bark till you find the white, more soft bark. This is the part that’s edible. Do the same with the roots, and you will find the same results.

Pine trees are some of the sappiest and stickiest tree Pine Tree Distant s you’ll find. The sap can harden and almost looks like a hard candy, or an old wasps nests. But, the sap, is the best personality of the tree! As mentioned above, the sap is highly flammable, and is great when trying to start a fire. Another way you can use the sap is, if you have a cut, you can take the sap, and cover the wound. It’s like Nature’s Bandage! It will allow the wound to breath and heal faster because of its health benefits.

The third awesome part of the Pine Tree that we will go over is the Green Needles. You can make rugs, to baskets, to even herbal teas to ease that sore throat. Here is a simple recipe on how to make Pine Needle Tea.



A nice bundle of Green needle (No brown or discolored ones)

Some half-n-half

Bit of sugar


Boil some water as you would to make chamomile tea. As the water is boiling, rinse the needles, then dump them into the water and let it sit. When the water has taken a different color, you may add the half-n-half and the sugar to the percentage you want.


Let’s say you’re on  a hike, and you find a pine tree. What can you do with it that doesn’t take so long? Well, you can grab some of the needles, and start chewing! It’s that easy and fast. The needles can also be used to make bed and covers if you have nothing else and its rather chilly.

Pine Needles  Although there is so much more you can do with the Pine Tree, this will be the last mentioned in my article, the Pine Tree Nuts! Yes, this tree has nuts that you can roast by the fire and enjoy. Or you can eat them fresh if you don’t have time to make a fire. Although this report is simple, here is something to keep in mind. The Pine Tree is one of the very few selected ones in this world to give you almost everything that you need to survive in the wild (Food, shelter, fire starter, bedding, healing, ext.). Like the fact that you can survive on the sugarberry tree for several months, the Pine Tree is also very sufficient and will keep you healthy. Thank you for reading my report on the Pine Tree.

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