Cows For A Family Farm

Cows For A Family Farm

Cows, a typical country family favorite that has been a long-lasting friend for many generations. They give milk, a dairy product, beef, a meat product, and love, a personal product that you cannot find in the market or store. That is why, owning the cow yourself will make a perfect and content farm. Cows are warm, friendly, sweet, and all of those other sweet things that you would say if you saw a calf running about. I will explain the kinds of cows, what cow would be good for your farm, and maybe some more information.

Brown Swiss: Prized by cheese-makers, this cows gives large quantities of milk. This cow’s milk has a high percentage of protein and fat, allowing you to make your own cheese, yogurt, ice-cream, and half-n-half, or any other item that might interest you. But as a family cow, this one is not suggested.

Holstein Friesian milk cow by Keith Weller

Holstein Friesian milk cow by Keith Weller

Friesian: This one is known for its black and white color. The main provider of milk in the whole world. The milk is alright, and they also produce fine beef. But be careful with the worm infestation. These cows are prone to it. To choose a healthy one, look for bright friendly eyes, a glowing coat, and a soft udder. A clean behind is also important. This is a common house cow, just because of its milk and color.

Jersey cattle by Zeynel Cebeci

Jersey cow by Zeynel Cebeci

Jersey: A sweet a loving cow, the Jersey, is a favorite among farm-owners. These cows are very docile, and can go from one climate to another without much of a problem. Of course they need housing in winter, but otherwise they are adaptable. They can be milked easily, and handled well. If you want a house cow to be a favorite among children, this is the one to choose that wont try to trample you. They are usually a brownish light color. Their milk is rich and creamy.

Dexter: This cow is sometimes black or red, and is defiantly not a favorite among cow owners because they are small, but very hard to handle. They have horns and are mean. You can milk this one and use it for beef. People cannot tell which side that this kind of cow is best at, milk, or beef.

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