Chickens and Their Dashing Combs!

Chickens and Their Dashing Combs!

Chickens, who doesn’t love them? I bet they are cuter then a flying pet gerbil. With feathers, a tall straight comb, those dashing show looks, and sometimes motherly manners, chickens make the best pet for any family. Whether it’s a Australorp for the eggs, or it’s a Silkie for the attention, again chickens make the very best pets.

There are different kinds of combs for a chicken. 1 A Walnut Comb. The walnut comb resembles a walnut above the beak. They are also called the Mulberry comb. Another way to describe this kind of comb is that they are shaped broad and flat and sits low in the front of the face. This comb is soft and looks bumpy on the outside.


photo by Gord Webster from Victoria, Canada

There is the Horned combs. This comb is rather easy to identify. On top of the head, there are two little horns sticking out. These “Horns” follow down to the top of the beak and stops there. The Houdan, La Fleche, Sultan, and the Polish breeds all have horned combs, giving them and unique style which some people might refer to as, naughty chickens.

Another comb is called the Buttercup comb with looks like its name. The buttercup comb is like a whole bunch of flower petals all holding something inside. Some people say is looks like a goblet sitting on top of the chicken’s head as if he or she was balancing it. This comb has wattles as so does the others, but some like the pea comb has wattles so small, you would think they really don’t have one.

Pea combs are small and resemble the shape of an open pod of peas, or a pea flower. The pea comb is usually only found in true five certain breeds. Some of those breeds are the Sumatra and the Cornish breed. Now it doesn’t stand out like any of the others, but they are rather sweet.

The last “Look At Me” comb is the Rose comb. The rose-comb is kind of like a rose. The flower petals itself sit upon the bird’s head while the stem and leaves stick out on the backside of the head. This kind of comb can be found in the Spanish or Indian breed. The rose itself is very bumpy and not smooth, the part that sits on top of the chicken’s head. Only the leaders have the rose-comb though.

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