What state is it? Oregon! Kids Free Geography Worksheet

What state is it? Oregon! Kids Free Geography Worksheet

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Have the child guess what state it is and write the name at the top of the page.

Then color the state.

Challenge: Use a completed map to help you find major cities, towns, streets, mountains, lakes and rivers. Then color your state map showing where these things are.

For a greater challenge try to do this WITHOUT using a completed map and see how much you remember! (This is also a great practice for adults!!)

Add your own challenges! Keep it interesting and help your child to learn more about each state. My personal recommendation would be to study your own state first as your child will be more familiar (or should be) with their current surroundings. Then study states where loved ones live. The more personal the study is, the more fun it will be for your child to learn about it.

When introducing new and unknown states to your child try to find a neat historical story to share with your child so that the state becomes more personal and important to them to remember. Point out important places on the map and this will help it “come alive”.

For those survival preppers out there, this is a great opportunity to strengthen your kids geographical location awareness for survival purposes. Learning geography is not only good schooling, but good for survival awareness as well! Study important places for survival such as knowing where bodies of natural water and vegetation is (lakes, rivers & streams), as well as mountains and local communities (cities and towns).

Have fun and learn much!


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