Creative Writing Poetry, “Trials of the Oregon Trail”

Creative Writing Poetry, “Trials of the Oregon Trail”


With hearts set as one, we made our way,
Though danger and death were set in array.
Too eager to reach what lay ahead,
We stood fast and none fled.

Though disease was pressing at our backs,
We held to hope and hoisted our packs.
And wearily we pressed on still,
Though many of us fell ill.

Even when the water ran quite low,
And our food swiftly began to go,
Stronger was the will of heart
And all pulled in and did their part.

We battled even through cool and heat,
While terrible trials we did meet.
But all was worth the sweeter end,
To make it through and build a home again.

And all these things I would do once more,
But God be willing I can now close this door,
And open a new page with a brighter day
Until my soul is taken away!

Written by Renee’ Bailey

for the Surviving the Oregon Trail Contest 2016

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