Contest FAQS

Frequently Asked Questions about our contest.

You must first be a member of Surviving the Oregon Trail. Click here to register now, it's free to join!

You must be a US resident with a US address to ship the prizes to.

There are no age limits, so whether you're a kid, a mom, a dad, a grandma or a grandpa, you are all welcome to join in on the fun!  Everyone has a chance to win no matter what age they are!

After seeing so many amazing talent videos from all ages we are convinced that Quality, Creativity and Talent knows no age limit.  Therefore we have decided not to separate grand prize winners by age group, but rather by their quality and creativity.  However, we have added a weekly "door prize" winner so that everyone has a chance to win, even those of us who are not found on America's got talent, or Ripley's Believe it or not.  😉

To be a weekly "door prize" winner every approved contest entry (such as a colored picture, short story, poem, song or video) will receive a secret number.  We will then ask a facebook fan who is currently present to call out the winning number.  (We'll give them a range of numbers to choose from)

This means everyone will have a chance to help decide who wins.  Please be sure to like our -> Facebook Fan page and stay tuned for details!

Every Adventurer, Trailblazer and Trail Guide member of Surviving the Oregon Trail will be invited at the end of the contest to help judge and determine the 3 Grand Prize Winners.

If you are a winner we would love it if you would consider sending us a fun picture of you and your prize.

The grand prize winners will not be “door prizes” or names drawn out of a hat, the grand prize winners will be chosen for quality and creativity!  So give each opportunity your absolute best!

Every Adventurer, Trailblazer and Trail Guide member of Surviving the Oregon Trail will be invited at the end of the contest to help judge and determine the 3 Grand Prize Winners.

Grand prize winners will be announced as soon as the judges have reviewed and voted for the contest entries.  The time frame depends largely on how many contest entries we have received in total.

This Contest is 100% FREE to Join and 100% FREE to Enter.

This contest was created to challenge each persons understanding of our great American History, specifically the Westward Expansion.

The contest is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

#1. Sign-up / It’s Free!
#2. Share Something Relating to the Oregon Trail
#3. Submit it to the Contest

Enter to win before Sunday at midnight
for a chance to win our next weeks contest prize.

We will announce the next winner on
Monday around 8pm
on our Facebook Fan Page.

Every week till March 20th midnight CST there will be a new winner. So every week a person, young or old has a new chance to win!  Each person can enter to win 1 time per week per person.  There is no cost to enter.  Winners will be contacted by email at the start of the new week and will have 1 week to choose their favorite prize from the list of weekly door prize options.

Contest entries can include anything from a colored picture, digital art, short story, poem, song, music, video, artwork or even photography.  They all need to be relating to the Oregon Trail and the Western Expansion in some form or fashion.

Somewhere in the writing, image, video or audio there needs to be a clear notice that “this was made for the Surviving the Oregon Trail Contest”.

Weekly “Door Prize” Winners will get to choose their prize from a list provided.  This list will be updated each week as the prizes are taken out or if possible, new prizes added in!

There will be 3 Final Grand Prize winners from all entries.  The  winners will get to choose between 3 selected prizes starting with 1st place winner, then 2nd and finally 3rd.

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