Words… A poem by Christian Calhoun

Words… A poem by Christian Calhoun

The words I have to say,
Every letter, every word.
Has a meaning, a purpose,
Just wanting to be heard.

And the ink within this pen,
Being wasted on these lines.
Will someday be refilled,
One ink tube at a time.

While the sounds and my voice,
May sound important, true?
To some it is a jumble,
Then what are they to do?

That is the wonder of language,
So mysterious yet profound.
They are to paint the pictures,
That entertain us year round.

Every quatrain I am writing,
Every sentence, every line.
Must have specific meaning,
Or at least be playful rhyme.

And though my eyes are dreary,
For I must do work by day.
I will save these thoughts for the night,
When my worries go away.

As the sun disappears beyond the hills,
And the moon comes out shining.
I feel the inspiration to feel a pencil,
And turn my thoughts into writing.

Even though it becomes dark,
And my eyes fight to sleep.
I have learned to count my letters,
Instead of counting sheep.

By Christian Calhoun


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  • Renee

    That my young author, is a very interesting and thought provoking poem!!!! You understand at your age what many aged people have yet to discover! The beauty of words. Here’s another language you Must Ponder and may even consider ! It’s the universal language – Music”. Notes =just simple lines on a page – sounds ! And every person that can hear, or that cannot hear but feel, can understand !!!! Keep writing! Keep Thinking!

    December 24, 2015 at 3:52 am

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