Moo-ving In – Cow intruder alert!

Moo-ving In – Cow intruder alert!

We LOVE seeing the cows off in the neighbors field, but this morning we got to see them in OURS, lol.  Apparently these cows are good at getting out because they keep winding up in someone else’s property.  This morning it happened to be ours.  Interesting experiences in the country needless to say.

In the city it’s more like the neighbors cat or dog coming over and leaving cow patties on your front lawn.  In the country the cow patties are REAL cow patties being left behind by some cow, lol.  Well, the grass down there needed some mowing and cow patties never hurt the field so I’m certainly not offended.  The incident afforded us the golden opportunity to meet our distant neighbors to the left and far, far distant left.  It’s fun meeting the neighbors really, they’re all such thick skinned friendly folk with a shot gun ever ready nearby. lol.  But the friendliest folks ever!

Just sharing some interesting experiences down here in the country!

Ever have a cow cross into your land before?

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