Home schooling – Having our daughter write short reports on homesteading

Home schooling – Having our daughter write short reports on homesteading

 It’s great to get your children involved in learning more about the world around them.  For home school consider having your child write a short daily report about something they’ve learned that has to do with the great outdoors, it should be something that interests them (so that it’s fun and they are more willing to learn).

I recently got a LARGE homesteading book (Storey’s Basic Country Skills: A Practical Guide to Self-Reliance) filled with so much wonderful tips and tricks from farming, slaughtering, building homes and sheds to growing a herbal garden and learning natural home remedies.

After my daughter’s reading hour every morning she does a 1 page journal entry and then a 1 page report on whatever topic she desires from our wonderful homesteading book. She is 12 and has shown a great interest in learning as well as sharing what she has learned with others.  I have not had our 9 year old son try this yet as I’m testing the “waters” with him to see if this would hold his interest long enough.  I think this particular large book might be too overwhelming for him to start off with so I will probably find him something smaller and see how he does with that…

For our daughter it has been enjoyable to read and share her reports with you, moreover it is neat to see her interest grow and her learning expand in this new and unknown world of homesteading!

Please consider posting a short reply comment on any of her articles you enjoy. I know it would only encourage her (and ANY other writer here) to hear and know that their article was enjoyed.  The last thing anyone wants to do is write just to write.  You wouldn’t believe how much a person loves to hear feedback from one another… well, maybe you would!  😀


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If you have your child write homesteading reports you’re welcome to post them here on STOT.  It would be wonderful to get the kids involved so they can encourage one another and cheer each other on as they learn more and more about homesteading. (click here to learn more)

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