Chico Electronics and a COOL Contest Prize Donation!

Chico Electronics and a COOL Contest Prize Donation!

Chico ElectronicsI’ve had the pleasure of working with Rob of Chico Electronics for over 5 years now.  He’s a great guy, works hard and runs an excellent electronic shop in Oklahoma City, OK.  The customer service and products he offers have always captured our attention and respect.  My husband loves his newsletter offers and I enjoy his exciting cash giveaway contests!  Nope, I haven’t won one yet, but it’s fun trying, lol.

He recently started selling products online so I would invite you to check his products and prices out especially if you’re not a resident of Oklahoma City.  His prices are great!

I was so excited when Rob was interested in contributing to our up-coming contest.  His prizes include an incredible new Balance Scooter and Kids Tablet shown in his retail store and website.  Many thanks to Rob for his contest donation!

balancescooter-chrome-150x150Let me ask our members a question, if you or your kids won the balance scooter prize, what color would you choose?  We’d love to get your feedback!  Check out his options and let us know.

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