Cancer Cure – For real SEEK God, Go ORGANIC and find a Balance

Cancer Cure – For real SEEK God, Go ORGANIC and find a Balance

journey_home_by_madetobeuniqueThis morning I opened up one of my daily newsletters from a Yahoo group I truly enjoy called Homeschooling in OKC Metro.  One of the posts caught my attention as it dealt with cancer treatments and cancer cures.  While neither I or my husband suffer from any form of cancer we have had family members who have died from it.  We also have dear friends suffer greatly because of it so the article caught my attention.

It is a VERY lengthy article, but excellent with it’s detailed information in so many ways.  I have to admit I did not read the whole article in it’s entirety but rather scanned through it and was encouraged at how many things it addresses and exposes… as well as providing an excellent article on the cancer treatment itself through good eating practices.

Some snippets from the article

“The problem with finding the 90% cure rates is information. The problem is getting people to understand that the media doesn’t care who has the highest cure rate, they only care who has the biggest bank account. The media does not glorify the best cancer treatments, they glorify the most profitable cancer treatments.”

“The answer is human DNA. In fact, after studying human DNA since 1953, scientists still have no clue what 97% of human DNA does!! Human DNA is a computer program with 3.2 billion nucleotides in base 4. It is equivalent to a 6.2 billion bit long compiled computer program, but it is incomprehensible in complexity.

So who wrote the computer program known as human DNA? It was not evolution, as some well-funded and statistically challenged atheists/evolutionists would tell you, it was Mother Nature (i.e. God).”

And God DOES cares for you – He has provided an answer and solution for you!

I will provide a very simplified version of what I read….  mind you the details are important so I would encourage you to read the article for yourself, but if you’re short on time as I almost always am, then the short and simple to the point might serve to help you as well.

Simplified “Cure for Cancer”  (I believe this is also true of many if not all other ailments as well)

  • Find the imbalance – what are you missing in your diet?
  • Eat all organics – don’t you know you’re poisoning yourself with all the processed, gmo (genetically modified), pesticide treated junk foods?
  • The media has trained you well if you think only doctors and their prescriptions can help or cure your cancer or ailment.
  • Stop being so dependent – do some aggressive research and find natural (God inspired) cures for your ailments.
  • The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) rather spells Fools Dependent on the Administration.  Or, “Fooled and Drugged by the Administration.”

And the absolute greatest advice I personally could offer which addresses all forms of healing (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, etc) is that if you are living in sin and have strayed from God – that you humble yourself, turn from your sins and SEEK God.

That includes you Christians out there, my goodness, let go of the world and it’s way of living and pursue holiness and righteousness, yes even you!

I believe when we love, obey and seek God He will reveal what things are missing in our lives.

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