Can I homeschool AND generate an income in order to help with the bills?

Can I homeschool AND generate an income in order to help with the bills?

Blessings family, and dear friends!

I just wanted to encourage you with some ideas and share some links with you that the Father has shared with me.

  • – Torah keepers who are charging $30 a month to teach Hebrew.
  • – They started off 4 years ago with only 7 classes.  Today they have more than 200 classes and thousands of subscribers!
  • – This HUGE site has thousands of members and thousands of sellers, many homeschool moms and dads selling their own home-made curriculum.  You can visit their individual pages and see they are actually selling stuff (people are buying it, and loving it).

So here’s the question, what are YOUR talents, what are YOUR interests?  And can you use that to create a lesson to teach other people the same thing?  Can YOU get paid to learn and share? Yes, indeed you can!  Even if you don’t have a degree in an area of your interest, you still can get paid to learn and share it with others.  I know, because that’s what I’ve been doing all these years as a website designer.

What’s my point?  My point is, if you want to work from home and generate an income for your family – it IS doable.  Just decide what you would like to teach on, whether it’s Music, Bible, Hebrew, Nursing, Plant Identification, Healing Herbs, Home-made Projects, Pottery making, or whatever.  Then, start forming a plan and putting some lessons together as much as you are able.

Check this link of teachers pay teachers.  It is their top sellers.  Check out how many people are buying their products.  And all they did was put their lessons together (the hard part), and now they just sell the same thing over and over again.  They can use their time to create more lessons to sell more… or they can just continue to collect money from their current lessons.

Another avenue you can explore is becoming an affiliate with growing companies such as or even Amazon Affiliates. By recommending resources and websites you already love you can gain a monthly income while helping friends and family discover amazing new sites and products. Here is a quick example of what you can earn… With for instance, if you are an affiliate and recommend the site to your homeschooling community you could earn up to $34.75 for EACH referral… Or, $3.25 EVERY MONTH for each successful referral. The possibilities are truly exciting especially when you have a product you already love and recommend.

I hope I’ve encouraged some of you on how very doable working from home is.  Please feel free to comment or add questions below.


Crystal Calhoun
Made To Be Unique

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