One more day till the big contest begins!

One more day till the big contest begins!


We’re excited!  There’s just one more day for our contest to begin!  Have you created something to share?  Here’s some quick ideas on what you or your family can submit to the contest:  coloring page, drawing, artwork, song, picture of a cool costume you made, video or awesome written report to name a few.

Just be sure that it has something to do with the Westward Expansion.  Like a picture of some of the animals you might have seen, or some of the people who traveled on the Oregon Trail.  Or the food they ate along the way.  😉

Here’s a cool idea someone may jump on:  Writing a report on the history of the Frisbee.  Did you know it has something to do with the Oregon Trail and cow chip throwing?   It’s gross and fun history to learn about, lol.  This is one of the many great ideas you can come up with for the up-coming contest.

Do some research, watch a movie, read a book.  There’s so much you can share, and each week you’ll have a new chance to win a really great prize!  Hope to see you there!

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